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Laser Hair Removal Near Me – Diolaze XL Laser

Finding local, high-quality laser hair removal has never been easier thanks to the internet. Nowadays, with a quick search, you can find any number of medical spas in Los Angeles County.

If you’re here because you searched for “laser hair removal near me,” the big question on your mind is probably, what treatment provider should you choose?

Keep reading to find out why we might be the right fit for you.

Why Choose Us?

Mirror Mirror Med Spa is an excellent choice for your laser hair treatment plan since we put your safety and comfort first.

As an experienced medical spa, we always go the extra mile to make sure you feel welcome, safe, and have a great time while visiting us.

We offer fast and effective treatments that accentuate your natural beauty and leave you feeling like your best self.

Come Get Pampered

Having too much hair is never fun, especially when you keep having to shave and wax it. Sometimes maintaining your beautiful smooth-looking skin can feel like an endless chore.

The good news is that there is a solution. At Mirror Mirror Med Spa, we offer treatments that save you from having to hassle with unwanted hair over the long term.

The best part? Our treatments are non-invasive and require little to no downtime. We understand that life is busy, and not everyone wants to go through a treatment that requires a long recovery.

We also understand that everyone wants those special times where they can unwind and relax, which is why, in addition to providing non-invasive treatments, we create a fun and relaxed atmosphere for you to enjoy.

If you’re ready to get pampered by our expert staff, call us at 323.766.6977 for a free, no-pressure consultation. We’ll go over your goals, budget, treatment options, and more.

What to Expect During Your Initial Consultation

During the consultation, we’ll go over a number of factors to ensure your laser hair treatment with Diolaze XL is the right fit for your needs.

Some things we’ll discuss include:

  • Your medical history
  • Lifestyle choices that could impact the treatment
  • Treatments expectations
  • What you should and should not do before and after treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Near Me – Diolaze XL Laser FAQs

Ever tried a laser hair treatment that left you feeling unsatisfied? If so, you might consider getting a laser hair removal treatment with the popular Diolaze XL laser.

Keep reading to learn more about this powerful modality’s most frequently asked questions.

What Is Diolaze XL?

Developed by Inmode, Diolaze XL is an FDA-approved laser hair removal modality that removes hair in a relatively pain-free manner by targeting hair follicles.

The science behind Diolaze XL is quite in-depth, but to summarize, the technology utilizes a diode laser beam to heat up hair follicles and safely and gently inhibit growth at the root.

Diolaze XL treatments do involve a certain amount of heat, which is why the Diolaze XL wand utilizes a 3CP tip to cool your treatment area.

The ultimate goal of Diolaze XL is to safely target the deeper layers of your skin to keep you from having to shave and wax it over and over again.

Diolaze XL is administered with a handheld wand.


What Areas Can I Do Laser Hair Treatment With Diolaze?

Diolaze XL treatments can be applied to the following areas:

Legs, stomach, bikini area, back, arms (forearms and upper), shoulders, chest, neck, and face.


The treatment works on most parts of the body.

How Does Diolaze XL Compare To Other Hair Removal Methods?

In our opinion, Diolaze XL is more effective than many other laser hair treatment modalities.

Diolaze XL utilizes a diode laser that was carefully designed to quickly and safely work on multiple skin types.

Alternatives to the diode laser technology include:

  1. The Alexandrite laser hair removal technology…which is said to work less well for lighter skin tones and is not as powerful as Diolaze XL due to the shorter wavelength.
  1. The Ruby laser, which is an old technology that tends to take longer than other methods.
  1. Electrolysis. This modality is arguably much slower and more painful than Diolaze XL.
  1. Shaving and waxing. If you’re tired of the nuisance of having to wax or shave regularly, then getting a Diolaze XL laser treatment may be right for you.

What Are The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

The benefits of laser hair removal include:

(1) Long-lasting results. Much more than waxing and shaving. (2) Little to no downtime. (3) Relatively quick treatments. Usually no more than 30 minutes. (4) Affordability and convenience compared to other methods like laser hair restoration treatments and electrolysis.

How Much Does It Cost Me To Get Laser Hair Removal In L.A.?

In LA, laser hair removal typically costs $280-$350 per session.

How Soon Will I See Results After Laser Hair Removal?

You should start seeing results after your first treatment. However, results may be marginal depending on the setting that is used and how much hair you have.

Most people need six to eight treatments to really see a big impact.

How Long Will Laser Hair Removal Results Last?

Typically, once your treatment series is finished, you’ll only need to come back for a redo once every year or two.

Some people, though, never need to come back and get another treatment. It really just depends on your body.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Not completely. It’s more accurate to say that laser hair removal is a semi-permanent solution.

Although the treatment works by inhibiting hair follicles at their root, the body has an amazing ability to regenerate itself, which is why some hair might come back eventually.

How Many Laser Hair Removal Sessions Do I Need?

You’ll probably need 6-8 sessions, although it’s possible that you may need less or more.

Treatments are usually spaced one week apart.

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Take?

Our treatments run anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 minutes or more. The length of time depends on the area being treated and how much hair you have.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Sometimes but not always.

When getting laser hair removal, how much it hurts depends on the intensity level of your session and your natural sensitivity.

If you’re concerned about pain, we have numbing creams available, which we can apply to the treatment area before getting started.

Interesting Fact: 

Diolaze XL utilizes a cooling sapphire tip to keep the treatment from getting too hot.

Does Diolaze XL Come With Side Effects?

Sometimes, yes.

After your treatment, you might experience redness and swelling.

For this reason, we recommend that you avoid using deodorant, perfumes, or other harsh chemicals after your treatment until all of the symptoms have gone away.

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Is There Downtime Required For Laser Hair Removal?

Not too much.

While laser hair treatments can cause some degree of skin irritation, the effects are typically mild, meaning you can go about your day after treatment.

There are some activities you’ll want to avoid after treatment, however.

To learn more about what you should and should not do or for information about Diolaze XL’s contraindications, call us at 323.766.6977.

How Do I Prepare For Laser Hair Removal?

The best way to prepare for laser hair removal treatment is to shave or wax the treatment area before arriving. The less visible hair you have in the treatment area, the easier it will be for our specialist to apply the Diolaze XL wand.

Other things you’ll want to avoid include (1) tanning beds, spray tans, or intense sun exposure before your treatment, (2) drinking heavily or any kind of smoking before treatment, and (3) using skincare or heavy chemical products on the treatment area before your session.

Is Laser Hair Removal Right For You?

To answer this question, we’d love for you to call us. We’ll go over the pros and cons of laser hair removal with Diolaze XL and how you can benefit.

Plus, we’ll recommend a treatment strategy based on your skin type and how much hair you have.

Interestingly enough, different skin types work better with different laser wavelengths, which is why a professional consultation is so important.

We’re confident with our years of experience that we can devise an approach that will work well for you.

What If I Have Really Thick Hair?

If you have really thick hair, the good news is that laser hair removal is still effective, so long as the right approach is taken.

You’ll, of course, want to wax or shave the treatment area before your appointment to make things easier for our specialist, but once that is done, the science behind the Diolaze XL laser and how it targets hair follicles applies to thick and thin hair alike.

The real question is, if you have very thick hair, how many treatments will you need to achieve desired results? We can help answer that question for you.