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A Comprehensive Guide to Lip Fillers in Los Angeles

Juicy, inviting, plump. Some people are lucky to come into the world with such lips. Well, for those who are not among the lucky ones, beauticians come to the aid of fillers. Should we be afraid of this procedure? Many at the word “fillers” imagine overinflated lips – the consequences of the introduction of biopolymer gels, the “hype” of the beginning of this century. Today, it’s not like that. And fillers can no longer be feared. But it is necessary to understand which ones will not cause unpleasant consequences, when and who really needs them. Let’s find out together with the experts!

Who Needs Lip Fillers in Los Angeles?

Everyone who is unhappy with the volume and shape wants to change it!

Some are born with thin lips and want to make them bigger. Many have lips – especially the upper lip and corners – that change shape as they age.

Smokers often have “smoker’s lips” (yet another reason to break the habit). Due to the tension of the lips in the tightening process, vertical lines appear on them. The same effect is seen in those who like to drink water from a bottle and those who like to whistle and drink through a straw.

The “Mona Lisa smile” is a procedure to raise the corners of the lips. As we age, they droop, and this can be corrected not with Botox but with the introduction of fillers.

There are several other reasons why you may want to increase the size of your lips with lip fillers in Los Angeles.

  • As you age, your lips may become smaller or thinner, the philtrum – the furrow between your upper lip and the septum – may become longer and flatter, and the distance between the corners of your mouth may increase.
  • Correcting the appearance of the lips: Lips of different sizes or shapes are fairly typical (asymmetrical).
  • Reducing wrinkles: Sometimes wrinkles appear on the sides of the mouth while smiling or grinning.

Why are lip fillers in Los Angeles used? 

Many people use lip fillers in Los Angeles to help their lips look fuller or restore their volume. While they cannot reverse the effects of aging, they can delay the need for a lip lift or more invasive lip augmentation surgery.

Women with full lips often look younger than their age. Plump lips make a woman look younger and sexier. Many men say that the lips are a woman’s face’s most attractive and sexy part. Lips can be very different – thin, narrow, full, etc.

But, as a rule, in the first place, in attractiveness are plump lips, as they reflect the person’s youth. According to experts, the lips reach their maximum fullness when a woman comes out of her teenage years. They are the first to attract the male gaze with their beauty and tenderness. After 30, most women have the opposite process – thinning lips.

Add fullness to the lips and correcting the proportions can be achieved through plastic surgery or filler injections. Lip augmentation with gel is very popular. Today gels Restylane and Surgiderm are widely used.

Previously used gels based on silicone and other polymers caused many problems because they were foreign substances. With a new generation of hyaluronic acid-based gels, you can easily and safely increase the lips to the desired size, correct the shape and, eliminate asymmetry, make them plump and attractive!

It is essential to keep in mind that the result becomes visible only after rehabilitation and complete recovery. But as a rule, it takes no more than two weeks. After that, swelling gradually subsides, and the lips take on their natural color. The result persists for six months to a year. It depends on the individual, how quickly lip fillers in Los Angeles resorb, and what drug is injected.

The more hyaluronic acid in the product, the longer the effect will last. Don’t forget the cumulative effect – the more often you inject into your lips, the longer the substance will remain in the skin layers.

How is lip contouring performed? 

There are two main methods of operation on which the result depends:

Contour filling

The meaning of the method is to create artificial swelling by filling with filler – an injectable drug that allows you to perform contouring without surgery. The swelling increases within an hour, then the beautician gives the desired shape, using the lips kneading to distribute the material. The result depends on the speed of the introduction of the filler and the skill of the doctor conducting the operation.

Paris’s lips

The effect of naturalness is achieved by shifting the emphasis from the volume of the injected filler to a careful study of the contours of the lips and linear lining of the filler from the red border to the mucous layer. It allows you to make a slight “turn” of the lip, which looks very natural and attractive.

Fillers are injected with a needle or with the help of a cannula.

Since the needles are laser sharpened, they penetrate the skin more efficiently, with less tissue trauma. The material is injected to a depth of 3 millimeters. Injection with a needle can be divided into several staged procedures, and the final result will be visible after the lips are fully healed.

The introduction of hyaluronic acid through a cannula is a more modern method:

  • Not as much swelling remains after it;
  • There is less risk of severe bruising (as the ends of the instrument are blunt).

For the introduction of fillers under local anesthesia, two incisions are made in the corners of the mouth. After the procedure, the lips are swollen and reddened.

However, the swelling begins to go down the day after the injection.

How will I feel during the procedure?

Some people tolerate the procedure with only a slight wince, while others regret the decision to undergo the procedure in the first second, experiencing pain. Reviews vary, and the only thing you can agree on is that discomfort is unavoidable. It all depends on the patient’s sensitivity, which is different for everyone.

Pain occurs not only because of the sensitivity of the lips.

  • If the specialist starts injections too early or waits too long, it may not allow the anesthetic to work throughout the procedure.
  • The fact that the filler is in contact with living tissue also causes pain. Too much filler causes discomfort.
  • Puffy and thin lips require different amounts of material. For thin ones, less, and for more plump ones, not only do you need to introduce more but also in several stages, which will also increase the discomfort. Vascular trauma is inevitable when piercing with a needle. If a larger vessel is injured, bruises can occur. And if the beautician inserts the needle too deeply, the procedure can be more painful than expected.
  • Low pain threshold or, simply put, sensitivity. Each person tolerates pain differently.
  • Nervous tension. Feeling nervous and fearful causes vasospasm and increases tissue resistance. When a client is afraid, he cannot relax, and this also causes pain.

What occurs throughout the lip filler procedure? 

The cosmetologist will apply a local anesthetic to your lips during your lip filler procedure. Your lips will be numbed by the local anesthetic, making the procedure as painless and comfortable as possible. Tetracaine, lidocaine, and benzocaine are commonly used chemicals in numbing creams (BLTs).

Your lips should be numb in 15 to 30 minutes. If you are allergic to BLT, your doctor may give you a nerve block injection to numb your lips. Your doctor will then use a small needle to inject the lip filler into some or all areas of your lips, such as the vermilion border around your lips, the oral commissures, the “cupid’s bow” in the middle of your upper lip (corners of your mouth).

Although there will be no discomfort, your eyes may become moist, and you may feel a tingling sensation. The doctor usually injects one milliliter (ml), or about one-fifth of a teaspoon, of lip filler into your lips. The needle can only go through the skin 2.5 millimeters (mm) or less. The doctor may place an ice pack on the lips to reduce swelling and bruising during the procedure. The process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours.

How to make the procedure a little easier 

Giving up smoking and alcohol is desirable, as they have a terrible effect on the blood vessels, irritating the nerves and pain receptors. However, it is necessary to choose the right day and time. It is best to have the procedure at lunchtime because, after 13 o’clock, the pain sensations are the lowest. You should not perform the procedure on critical days because, at this time, the body is more sensitive.

It is recommended to replenish the balance of B vitamins in the body ten days before the procedure; this will strengthen the mucous membrane of the lips. The most important thing is to look forward to the surgery in a good mood because it’s all about beauty.

What is the condition of my lips immediately after the procedure? 

Immediately after the augmentation procedure, there is swelling, and the lips look swollen. As a rule, this goes away after a few days.


  • Redness;
  • Slight clumping may occur;
  • The blurring of the contour of the lips

Feeling after the procedure is different for everyone. For some, the swelling goes faster, and for others, it takes longer. Therefore, painful sensations are strictly individual for each client.

What happens after the insertion of lip fillers? 

The practitioner may lightly massage your lips after the complete procedure to help the filler soak in. You may have to hold ice on your lips for a while longer. Your doctor will monitor you for 15 minutes to make sure you are not experiencing any negative side effects, such as dizziness, nausea, or marked bleeding.

Once the doctor decides you no longer need to be monitored, he or she will let you go home. After local anesthesia, you can drive yourself home because it will not make you tired or drowsy.

However, just in case, arrange for a relative or friend to drive you home. Your lips may be sore, swollen, and bruised. The swelling usually goes down in 24 to 48 hours.

Your lips will heal faster if you use the following tips: 

  • Apply an ice pack for 10 minutes to relieve pain, swelling, and inflammation;
  • For at least 24 hours, refrain from applying lip balm, lipstick, or other products to your lips.
  • Do not touch or wrinkle your lips;
  • Avoid kissing or sucking on straws;
  • Be careful when brushing your teeth;
  • Drink plenty of water;
  • Don’t exercise for at least 24 hours.

How much filler is required for lip augmentation?

The calculation of the amount of material should be made by a cosmetologist, preferably a licensed one. As a rule, the amount is chosen individually.

However, on average, thin lips require no more than 1 ml of material for more plump ones – up to 3 ml.

Observing the beautician’s recommendations and the correct filler selection, you can achieve an excellent result. But if the result does not suit you, you can “roll back the effect” and return your lips to their former shape and appearance.

What is the lifespan of lip fillers in Los Angeles? 

Usually, lip fillers in Los Angeles last between 12 and 18 months. However, it is contingent upon your age and your body’s calorie-converting rate (metabolism). Because young individuals burn calories faster, lip fillers in Los Angeles last less on them. Procedure information Before a lip filler operation, what happens?

The use of lip fillers in Los Angeles in individuals under the age of 21 has not received FDA approval in the United States. As a result, to receive FDA-approved lip fillers in Los Angeles, you must be at least 21 years old. You will consult with your healthcare professional before the lip filler treatment. Your mental health and social conditions will be analyzed, among other things.

Your healthcare professional could ask the following inquiries:

  • You want lip fillers in Los Angeles. Why?
  • What do you anticipate?
  • Do you frequently consider actual or minuscule physical flaws?
  • Is your lover, spouse, or friend pressuring you to get lip fillers?

Additionally, significant factors include your facial structure and physical wellness. Your general health, as well as any existing medical illnesses or risk factors, will be assessed by your healthcare professional. Your healthcare provider should be informed of any allergies you may have.

Additionally, let them know whether you take any prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) medications, including herbal supplements. Your face will be measured and examined by your healthcare professional. They’ll also take pictures of your lips and face for your medical file. It’s crucial to picture yourself in the situation before deciding on your lip size. Finally, consider getting a fresh haircut. To give your hairstylist an idea of how you want your hair to look, you can show them a picture.

However, your hairstylist might inform you that your hair’s texture, hairline, volume, or length won’t appear like the picture. Although you could aspire to have lips that resemble those of a superstar, your face shape and features may make this impossible. Check with your doctor to see if bringing in a picture is beneficial. But if your healthcare professional doesn’t want to use a picture as a reference, be ready to describe your desired lip shape in great detail.

Fillers are not all equal.

Most fillers in your dermatologist’s arsenal are made of HA, a safe sugar found naturally in the human body, but some are made from other materials. The Radiesse contains the mineral named calcium hydroxyapatite (the substance of teeth and bones, seen on CT scans and X-rays). Sculptra uses poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), a biodegradable artificial polymer, the same component used in resorbable sutures.

The Bellafill suspends polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), or non-biodegradable acrylic beads, in bovine collagen and “is essentially permanent,” says New York City plastic surgeon Paul Lorenk. (It is technically FDA approved to be safe and effective for five years.)

Although chemically similar, the HA group is actually very diverse. Gels differ in density, viscosity (or flowability), elasticity, firmness (or stiffness, which the papers call “G prime”), and endurance – characteristics that form their personality and define their role among fillers.

According to how the molecules of the formula bind together, some of them will break down faster or swell more than others (and while this extra volume may benefit areas like the cheeks, no one wants under-eye puffiness after an injection). Your doctor considers all of this when choosing the right product for you and your features.

What happens if you’re not happy with the result?

Even if everything went perfectly, sometimes it’s not easy to get used to your new look. The good news is that things can be fixed quickly with hyaluronic acid fillers!

To remove the filler effect, cosmetic doctors use injections of enzymes (hyaluronidase enzyme), which dissolve the filler within a few hours and return everything to its former appearance.