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SkinPen vs Morpheus8 RF Microneedling

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You’re probably reading this because you’re looking for the right microneedling treatment. And you might be wondering whether you should get SkinPen or Morpheus8.

We offer both modalities, and we think both are great, but there are differences.

First, let’s answer the big question.

Is SkinPen The Same As Microneedling?

Yes, it is!

SkinPen Precision is an FDA-approved microneedling treatment that creates micro-injuries in your skin to initiate the body’s tissue healing response and promote collagen production.

So, at least this clarifies whether SkinPen and Morpheus8 are in the same wheelhouse. They are.

Side note: Getting a treatment with microneedles might sound scary, but they are tiny. We encourage those who are new to microneedling to look up some videos of SkinPen and Morpheus8 treatments to get an idea of what to expect.

Both modalities offer the option to receive an anesthetic to help make the experience more comfortable.

SkinPen vs Morpheus8 – Which One Is Better?

To compare SkinPen and Morpheus8, think of the difference between a Honda Civic and a Ferrari, with Morpheus8 being the latter.

There is certainly that much of a difference since these modalities are different breeds.

But there is always the question of whether you want (or need) the stronger, more intense treatment of Morpheus8 or if the precision approach of SkinPen would be better.

They Both Have Their Uses

Since SkinPen and Morpheus8 are both useful, neither is better than the other, and which one works for you depends on your goals.

Morpheus8 is a great option if you want microneedling, plus the added benefit of radiofrequency in your treatment.

SkinPen is a good choice if you want precision microneedling only.


SkinPen is a precision microneedling technology with a compact design that allows it to target small areas of your skin.

Given SkinPen’s precision design, it is especially useful for targeting facial acne.

One potential advantage of SkinPen over Morpheus8 is that it is a gentler treatment that does not utilize heat. Patients with sensitive skin may find SkinPen more comfortable.

SkinPen and Derma Rollers

SkinPen also comes with other advantages. Compared to some other products on the market, derma rollers being a good example, it’s easier on your skin.

Derma roller needles enter your skin at an angle, which can cause irritation. By contrast, SkinPen enters your skin vertically and comes with potentially less risk of causing irritation.

SkinPen’s fine, adjustable needles also help your treatment provider closely target whatever issues you are treating, be it scarring from acne, minimizing large, visible pores, or improving your overall skin texture.

SkinPen Helps Improve Skin Texture

Consequently, SkinPen is a good choice if you are concerned with the texture of your skin.

Large pores, fine lines, and even deeper lines can be targeted to give your skin a shinier and smoother appearance.

To achieve desired results, you’ll most likely need to do 4 to 6 sessions, with each one being performed once a month.

PS SkinPen does NOT use radiofrequency heat or chemicals.

Instead, the device creates micro-channels at a rate of 1,600 per second to help the body do what it does naturally – repair itself!


Again, the best way to think of Morpheus8 is like a supercharged version of SkinPen.

Morpheus8’s RF microneedling wand is somewhat larger, and it stimulates collagen production through a combination of microneedles and radiofrequency.

SkinPen does not use radiofrequency.

Morpheus8’s radiofrequency technology heats up the skin to enhance the effect of the treatment. The idea is that heat helps increase collagen and elastin production in your skin.

How Is Morpheus8 Different From SkinPen?

A notable difference between these two modalities is that Morpheus8 tightens your skin in addition to improving your skin texture. This difference is key.

The reason why Morpheus8 is able to tighten skin is that it creates two types of controlled injury—one to the surface of your skin through microneedles and the other to the deeper layer of skin through radiofrequency.

Just to reiterate, Morpheus8 uses radiofrequency technology, while SkinPen does not.

Because of the radiofrequency heat generated by Morpheus8, it is a more intense treatment, although the recovery is fairly similar to that of a SkinPen treatment.

After Your SkinPen or Morpheus8 Procedure

After your session with SkinPen or Morpheus8, your skin will be flushed red, which is a symptom that should go away within 48 hours.

A week after treatment, you might experience some flaking of the skin.

The Result of Your Session

After your SkinPen or Morpheus8 session, you should notice a difference in the radiance of your skin.

The effects of a Morpheus8 treatment can be especially pronounced given the strength of the modality.

Some people feel that, after their Morpheus8 treatment, they can go without foundation and just use some powder on the face.

Follow-up Maintenance

Follow-up maintenance treatment should take place once every 6 to 12 months. This is especially true if you are 30+ years of age.

Around the time we turn 30, we begin losing a small percentage of collagen every year.

This makes having a yearly or twice-yearly maintenance plan beneficial, and for most people, coming in once a year is a cost-friendly approach to your skin health needs.

Some Important Things To Keep In Mind

Please note that both SkinPen and Morpheus8 can cause some bruising. This is most common in the areas around the eyes.

Your lips may also feel numb from the anesthesia after your procedure for an hour or two.

What To Avoid After Your Procedure

After your session, you’ll want to avoid putting on makeup or other products.

Our staff will give you a time estimate for how long you should wait based on the details of your treatment.

Please also avoid tanning beds, prolonged sun exposure, electric-powered cleansing brushes, picking, scratching, and using exfoliants, as instructed by our staff.

Before Your SkinPen or Morpheus8 Procedure

Whether you get a SkinPen session or a Morpheus8 treatment, you’ll want to avoid wearing makeup the day you come to see us.

You’ll also want to avoid tanning beds.

Call us for more information about what steps to follow before your treatment.

During Your SkinPen or Morpheus8 Procedure

You might have some questions about treatment times. All our sessions are convenient and don’t take up your entire day.

SkinPen Treatment Length

SkinPen sessions take approximately 45 minutes from start to finish, although there will be some variation depending on your needs.

Morpheus8 Treatment Length

The length of your Morpheus session will range from 20 to 50 minutes. There might also be some variation here.

Are SkinPen Results Guaranteed?

Our staff is experienced with microneedling and will work closely with you to achieve the desired results!

This is where the skill of your treatment provider comes into place.

They will decide what depth to adjust the SkinPen tip to, which will allow the needles to provide optimal results.

Are Morpheus8 Results Guaranteed?

Your Morpheus8 results will also depend on the skill and experience of your treatment provider.

Morpheus8 comes with different settings that will need to be adjusted to suit your skin type and needs.

SkinPen FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions about SkinPen.

How Long Do SkinPen Results Last?

Your SkinPen results should last four to six weeks, although the exact length of time will be influenced by your health, lifestyle, age, and genetics.

Before your session, we’ll set treatment expectations with you.

How Can I Enhance My SkinPen Microneedling Results?

There are certain steps you can take to improve the results of your SkinPen treatment, such as:

Maintaining a healthy and gentle skincare regimen, not smoking, and avoiding prolonged, unprotected sun exposure.

You might also consider taking supplements to boost your skin’s health.

For this, you’ll need to speak with your doctor to determine what is right for you.

Is SkinPen Microneedling Painful?

SkinPen can cause pain and discomfort.

The amount of pain and discomfort you experience largely depends on your skin sensitivity.

If you’re concerned about having a painful treatment, let our staff know beforehand, and we’ll take steps to make your experience more comfortable.

Should You Drink Water After Microneedling?

Certainly! Water and hydration are so important, not just for general health but for the recovery of your skin.

In fact, collagen can’t form properly in your body without water.

Is SkinPen For Everyone?

The SkinPen Precision system can be used to improve the appearance of neck wrinkles for Fitzpatrick skin types II-IV.

It can also be used to improve acne scars (facial) in adults with all Fitzpatrick skin types, who are 22 years of age and older.


SkinPen should not be used on patients with active skin cancer in the treatment area(s), open wounds, and irritated skin.

Pregnant or nursing women should also not use SkinPen.

Please note that this is NOT a complete list. For more information about SkinPen contraindications, call us today.

Is SkinPen Microneedling Better Than Botox?

SkinPen is better than Botox if you are looking to reduce hyperpigmentation, improve the appearance of acne scars, and improve your skin texture.

Botox is better for treating deep lines and wrinkles, particularly frown lines and lines on the forehead.

Morpheus8 FAQs

To learn more about Morpheus8, check out our Morpheus8 Los Angeles page.

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Getting approved with Cherry is fast and easy.

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