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Does A Photofacial Hurt?

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A photofacial is a state-of-the-art procedure that can eliminate the presence of blemishes, skin imbalances, and other markings. Photofacials utilize intense pulses of laser light in order to clear the skin of inconsistencies. Now, does a photofacial hurt? When going into an operation, patients often have many of the same concerns, one of which usually … Read more

Lumecca IPL vs. Traditional IPL

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Lumecca IPL vs. traditional IPL: which photofacial is the best, and which treatment are you a candidate for? The professionals at Mirror Mirror Med Spa explain why we advocate for Lumecca for the best results. Lumecca IPL vs. Traditional IPL Lumecca IPL vs. Traditional IPL: what are the differences between each treatment, and how do … Read more

9 Helpful Facts About Intense Pulsed Light – IPL Treatment

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Read more to check out 9 interesting and helpful facts about the technology behind intense pulsed light. If you already know how intense pulsed light (IPL) works and are ready to schedule a session, call us at 323.310.1456 or visit our Contact page. 1. Intense Pulsed Light Is NOT A Laser It’s a fairly popular … Read more

5 Lumecca Facts – Westwood LA Laser Skin Care Center

Westwood LA laser skin care center - Lumecca Facts

Did you know that in just 1 to 3 sessions, Lumecca can improve the appearance of age spots, sun damage, freckles, Rosacea, and vascular lesions? To learn more, call us at our Westwood LA laser skin care center today. We offer a superior solution to enhance your skin complexion with our Lumecca skin resurfacing packages. … Read more

How Lumecca IPL Can Improve Your Skin?

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Lumecca ipl is the most powerful high-intensity light pulse laser system for the treatment of pigmented and vascular lesions. Already after one treatment, our patients notice a significant improvement in complexion and skin clarity. The photo rejuvenation procedure (Lumecca ipl) is aimed at eliminating various defects of the skin. The phototherapy procedure allows you to … Read more